Meet Chuck's Experts

Professionals Make the Difference

Over 80 years of combined experience @ Chucks & over 180 years of combined experience in the green industry, all waiting to be shared with our customers

Marie Peterson (30 yrs in green industry):
Professional Horticulturist & Certified Chemical Applicator with a background in Landscape Maintenance & Design, BA in Forest Ecology. Wholesale nursery grower for 6 years at Imperial Nurseries. A self-titled “plant geek & collector” who is always on the look-out for the next weird & unusual plant. 14 years @ Chuck’s

Brenda Erikson (27 years in green industry):
Certified ISA Arborist & Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional. Active NYS Fair volunteer for both the NYS Nursery & Landscape Assoc. and Arborist Assoc. 12 years @ Chuck’s

Dennis Smith (35 years in green industry):
Self employed nursery, florist greenhouse grower & Chamber of Commerce member. 6 years @ Chuck’s

Sue Caputo (25 yrs in green industry):
Avid home gardener and wildlife enthusiast with a background in landscaping (BOCES). 15 years @ Chuck’s




Awestruck is how you will feel as you wander through our paved pathways that lead through our 7 acre garden of trees, shrubs and evergreens.

Our value is in the service our certified and knowledgeable experts can offer. Our quality and enormous selection is the largest in CNY. Let us help you choose the right plant for your landscape.
We pride ourselves on convenience, extra large carts, wide aisles and a helpful staff to make your shopping experience pleasurable.

Need help? Let our staff wrap and load your trees.

Need more help?? We Deliver!

Need even more help??? Ask our nursery staff about our tree installation program.


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