Our pottery and planter ranges are selected to accent your home and garden with 100’s of pots on display. We have collections of pottery from Michael Carr and Burley as well as accessories including shepherds hooks, wall hangers, and coco liners. If you are looking for someway to hang or display one of our stunning hanging baskets, or for the right container for your very own vegetable garden we will have what you are looking for.
  • Plant Pots

  • Coco Liners

  • Urns

  • Macrame Hangers

  • Deck Boxes

  • Watering Accessories

  • Shepherds Hooks

  • Tera Cota Pots

  • Ceramic Pots

  • Window Boxes

  • Plant Stands


One of the most popular new additions to our pottery range is the Michael Carr designed liconfiber collection. Liconfiber is a cement based composite that is reinforced with a resistant fiberglass netting giving the pot a strong structure with a lighter weight. These handmade pots are both UV resistant and frost resistant.

Clay and Ceramic Planters

We carry a wide range of clay and ceramic planters, either glazed or terra-cotta for that traditional pottery look.


A classic look for any patio or garden an urn can be planted using your own design from our large selection of Proven Winner plants, or why not take one of our stunning hanging baskets for an instant creation!

Window and deck boxes

We stock a wide range of plastic and wooden window boxes ideal for under a window to add a splash of color to your home or hung on the railing of a deck to brighten up your outdoor living space. We also carry a full range of hangers to attach the boxes to the location you choose.

Coco Liners

Coconut planter liners (or coco liners) are a natural product made from the husks of coconuts. One of their main benefits is that they can hold a large amount of water and release it slowly making them ideal for use with hanging baskets. You can find our selection of coco liners in greenhouse 3 and 4.


To help you place your pot, planter, hanging basket, or window box in the right place we carry a full range of shepherd hooks, hand made wrought iron hooks from the hookery, obelisks, fabric plant hangers and wooden trellis.