One of the most popular pastimes in America is gardening (we agree!!!) and not far behind gardening is birding!

At Chuck Hafner’s, we know the two pastimes go hand in hand and have an extensive range of bird feeders and food available. We only stock bird food and bird feeders that we know from our experience are the best quality bird supplies available.

Bird Food –

We have specifically tailored foods for individual birds such as cardinals, woodpeckers, chickadees, and finches as well as mixes and suets that will attract a variety of different birds to your garden.
We carry a complete line of Aspen Song bird food (which is manufactured in New York State) and a select line of Lyric Premium bird food.

If you are looking to attract Humming Birds to your Garden we have a wide range of nectars and feeders on display.

Bird Feeders –

With over 60 types of bird feeders on display, we will have a bird feeder that will be the right size and style for whatever location you choose. Our selection includes squirrel proof feeders, hummingbird feeders, tube feeders, dish feeders, and suet feeders.