If you need instant grass, then sod is your answer.

Our sod is 100% hybrid Kentucky Bluegrass which is grown for 18-24 months, ensuring healthy dark green grass. It is sold in rolls that are 2′ x 5′ (10 square feet) and is available every day from mid-April to mid-October. It is delivered daily, so to make sure we have enough available for your project, it is best to call 24 hrs ahead and pre-purchase the amount you need so it can be reserved.

If you would like your new lawn professionally installed, please contact our landscape division, whose details are available here. 

Installing your sod –

Preparation –

Rake and level the topsoil where you are laying your new lawn, removing all weeds, rocks, or debris.

Add 2 inches of good quality topsoil (such as Chuck’s Premium Topsoil) where necessary in the area you are going to lay the new turf.

Apply a starter fertilizer such as Scotts Turfbuilder or Turfline Fas-start to support the new sod’s growth.

Laying the sod –

Roll out the turf and butt the ends together tightly.

Once it is laid, water your new lawn immediately with 1″ of water. It is essential not to let the sod become very dry.

Maintenance –

Water your new lawn daily until it is rooted then as needed. Don’t let it dry out, but do not saturate the area to the extent it is soggy to walk on. After around 2 weeks from the installation date, you can begin to mow your newly laid lawn. Let the lawn dry a little to facilitate mowing and mow the grass to a height of 3″. Do not cut the grass shorter than 2″ in height.

Once your new lawn is established, don’t forget to take care of it using Chuck’s 4 Step Lawncare program.

If you would rather sow your grass, then we have a range of grass seed specifically blended for Central New York.

Please call ahead to check that we have the quantity that you need. For large quantities (50 square feet or more), we may need 1 or 2 days’ notice.

Please note sod is very perishable, so make sure to roll it out and water it as soon as you get it home, do not leave it rolled up.