Meet Our Team.

When you ask someone for the reasons they choose to shop at Chuck Hafner’s they will likely answer ‘the quality of the product and the knowledgeable staff’.

The Hafner’s have been growing in the CNY area since 1922. It has always been and continues to be a family operation, and the team here at Chuck Hafner’s are an extension of that family and are essential to both our success and your success.

Professionals Make A Difference.

We like to think we have the most skilled and knowledgable staff in Central New York with 2 ISA Certified Arborists and 9 CNLP: Certified Nursery Landscape Professionals on staff who can help you to create your own beautiful outdoor living space. Growing their knowledge is an ongoing process, and the team members take various certifications each year (including the Proven Winners Certification) to make sure they are up to date.

It’s Personal!

Our staff members are avid gardeners themselves, and that certainly shows with the passion they exhibit when helping you with your gardening needs. We always strive to provide you with the best customer experience and the highest quality product.

The Big Picture.

With 65,000 square feet of retail space, a 7.5-acre nursery, 4 acres of growing greenhouses, and over 150 acres of Christmas trees, each team member is vital to the smooth running of the business.

Growing Operations and Live Flowers Team

Growing over 200,000 plants a year is a huge undertaking, and this process is overseen by our head grower Mark assisted by his team in both the growing and retail greenhouses. The growing process begins in February each year and once the plants are hand selected and transferred to the retail greenhouses the live flowers team takes over ensuring the plants you purchase from us leave the store in the best condition possible.

Mark – Department Manager and Head Grower

Mark has been with Chuck Hafner’s for over 35 years. He is responsible for more than 60% of the plants you see in our greenhouses nurturing them from seedling to full grown plant. He manages our complete growing program making sure we have our signature seasonal plants (hanging baskets, Fall Mums, Geraniums) available when in season.

Michelle – Assistant Grower

Michelle is responsible for overseeing the growing house team in our 75,000 sq. Ft. of growing greenhouses making sure the growing program is on track, plants are watered, and in the best condition they can be before they are transferred to our retail greenhouse space.

Chad – Assistant Manager and Buyer

Chad joined Chuck Hafner’s in 2003 and is our flower buyer and produce buyer. As part of his role as a flower buyer, he is responsible for purchasing many of the flowers you see in our retail greenhouses. He has extensive knowledge of annuals and perennial flowers and is always looking for the latest and greatest varieties. Chad is also responsible for buying, and merchandising our farm-fresh produce throughout the season.

Dawn – Assistant Manager and Buyer

Dawn has a Bachelors degree in Plant Science from Cornell and is a Certified ISA Arborist & Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional. She is responsible for ensuring the greenhouses are fully stocked, the plant’s are watered and cared for (ensuring you take home a plant that is at its best), and is happy to answer any questions you may have.


Kimmi is highly knowledgeable about all plants and is Proven Winners Certified and has been working in our greenhouses since 2003. She is a plant specialist and has a passion for native gardens and butterflies.

The Nursery Team

With 7.5 acres to look after our Nursery team is a vital part of Chuck Hafner’s and it is their passion and hard work that helps us to provide the best selection of plants for your landscape.

Marie – Nursery Manager

Marie is a professional horticulturist and has a background in landscape maintenance & design. She also has a BA in Forest Ecology. She has a total of over 35 years experience working in the green industry as nursery manager including six years at Imperial Nurseries and over 20 years at Chuck Hafner’s. She is also the buyer for the nursery traveling across North America selecting the best quality plants. She is Proven Winners Certified and a CNLP.  Marie is also responsible for many of the gardening guides you can find here.

KatieNursery Manager

Katie is CNLP and Proven Winners Certified with over ten years in the green industry.

Chris – Assistant Nursery Manager

Chris has been with Chuck Hafner’s for over 5 years and has a degree in Environmental Science from SUNY Brockport.


Jon has been with Chuck Hafner’s for over 9 years and is responsible for nursery sales, merchandising, the organization of the nursery staff along with assisting the landscape contractors to make sure they have the best customer experience possible. He has a degree in business management from Ithaca College.


Certified ISA Arborist & Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional. Active NYS Fair volunteer for both the NYS Nursery & Landscape Assoc. and Arborist Assoc. Brenda has been with Chuck Hafner’s for over 14 years and has 30 years in the green industry.


Kat joined our team in April 2018 and is an avid gardener. Her father was a nurseryman and she is carrying on the family tradition!

The Retail Team

From farm fresh produce (when in season) to local specialty foods, home decor, clothing, disease control, pest control, grass seed, lawn care, gardening tools, bird baths, and more, our retail space is literally at the center of our store.

Ryan – Lawn and Garden Manager
Ryan is our hard goods manager and joined Chuck Hafner’s in 2001. He is responsible for researching and buying the latest products for the control of pesky pests, plant foods, the right potting mixes, lawn care and more! His knowledge across all areas of the business from what product to use for Red lily beetles to how to keep your lawn looking great all year Ryan will have the answer for you!

Stephanie – Front End Manager

Stephanie joined Chuck Hafner’s in 2017 and is responsible for the smooth running of the front end of the store and customer services.

Stacey – Manager Of Garden, Home Décor, and Women’s Fashions

Stacey joined our team in 2005 and she has a keen eye for the latest trends and is always looking for local products to add to our ever expanding retail department. Each year with her team she is responsible for the lines that we carry in the store visiting the major vendor shows in the US making sure we have the latest unique items in store.

Tess – Assistant Manager Of Garden, Home Décor, and Women’s Fashions

Tess joined Chuck Hafner’s in 2016 and works with Stacey as a merchandiser and buyer attending the vendor shows with her each year.

Maria – Assistant Front End Manager and Merchandising Specialist

Maria is our assistant front end manager and joined Chuck Hafner’s in 2012 after a 27-year career at Sears ending as an assistant store manager. She is passionate about giving customers the best possible experience they can have at the store. She is responsible for many of the displays of clothing and home and garden decor you can find in our indoor retail space. Her passion for gardening is reflected in her own amazing garden… ask her to see some pictures for inspiration she will be happy to share!

Pam – Assistant Front End Manager

Pam joined Chuck Hafner’s in the Spring of 2017.

Tracey – Customer Services

Tracey joined Chuck Hafner’s in 2009.

Landscape Division –

Our landscape division is responsible for the outstanding work you can see showcased here.
Dan Metz – Head of landscapes
Dan has over over 35 years of Landscape design and installation experience.
Doug has over 20 years of experience in landscape design and installation. He is an ICPI certified installer and is responsible for some of the water features and paving projects completed by us.

Join Our Team

If you want to join our team here at Chuck Hafner’s please visit our employment opportunities page to see our latest vacancies!

We know plants!

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