Proven Winners Perennials

Perennials are the heart of every garden, offering seasonal flowers, interesting color, unique textures, variety, and function. They return year after year and make a great addition to any landscape and in general are low-maintenance. We carry many different varieties of Perennials that are easy to grow in conditions ranging from full sun to shade.

Chuck Hafner’s is the largest Proven Winners®  certified grower-retailer in Central New York. The foundation of our business since the Hafner brothers began in 1922  is to grow and sell the varieties that we know from experience will thrive in your garden.

Whether they are grown in our greenhouse or sought out from some of the highest quality suppliers in the country, our nursery only stocks the best Proven Winner perennials in Central New York. To supplement our own selection of Chuck’s perennials, we have a buyer on the road throughout the season hand selecting the best plants available to bring to you. We have been working with the same family-owned growers for over 30 years because we know that their standards align with ours.

New stock arrives weekly throughout the season giving you the widest selection of perennials in CNY to choose from. The nursery team and growers work together to maintain optimal growing conditions ensuring the plants’ success while in our care, giving them the best opportunity to thrive in your garden.

Our team of experts is always on hand to answer any questions you may have, whether it be about the latest varieties we have available or what plant will do best in your landscape.

We also stock a wide variety of  Proven Winners shrubs and Proven Winners annuals all chosen with the same care so you know they will perform well in your landscape.

Photographs courtesy of Proven Winners –

Our Proven Winners Perennials Varieties


Anemone –  Fall in Love tm ‘Sweetly’  


Baptisia – Decadence R Dark Chocolate  

Baptisia – Decadence ‘Lemon Meringue’  

Baptisia – Deca. Del. ‘Pink Lemonade’  

Baptisia – Decadence ‘Sparkling Sapphires


Dianthus – Fruit Punch Classic Coral  

Dianthus – Fruit P. Cranberry Cocktail  

Dianthus – Fruit Punch ‘Maraschino’  

Dianthus – Fruit Punch ‘Spiked Punch’  

Dianthus – Fruit Punch ‘Sweetie Pie’  

Dianthus – Fruit Punch ‘Cherry Vanilla’


Heliopsis – h.’ Tuscan Sun’  


Hemerocallis – Rain. Rhy. Orange Smoothie  

Hemerocallis – ‘Raspberry Eclipse’  


Heuchera – Dolce R ‘Cherry Truffles’  

Heuchera – Dolce R ‘Wildberry’  

Heuchera – Primo tm ‘Black Pearl’  

Heuchera – Primo tm ‘Wild Rose’  

Heucherella(x) – Fun and Games R’Eye Spy’  


Hibiscus – m.Sumr.R ‘Ballet Slippers’  


Hosta – ‘Autumn Frost’  

Hosta -‘ Coast to Coast’  

Hosta – ‘Empress Wu’  

Hosta – Shadowland R ‘Diamond Lake’

Hosta – Shadowland R ‘Waterslide’


Kniphofia – Pyromania tm Orange Blaze


Leucanthemum – ‘Banana Cream’  


Monarda – ‘Leading Lady Orchid’  

Monarda –  ‘Pardon My Cerise’  

Monarda –  ‘Pardon My Pink’  

Monarda – ‘Pardon My Purple’  


Nepeta – ‘Cat’s Meow’  

Nepeta – ‘Cat’s Pajamas’  


Panicum – v.Prair. Winds Cheyenne Sky  

Panicum – Prairie Winds Apache Rose  

Pennisetum – ‘Desert Plains’  

Perovskia – ‘Denim ‘n Lace’  


Phlox – ‘Cloudburst’  

Phlox – ‘Magenta Sprite’  

Phlox – ‘Opening Act Pink-a-Dot’  

Phlox – ‘Purple Sprite’  

Phlox – ‘Rose Sprite’  


Salvia – ‘Perfect Profusion’  

Salvia – ‘Pink Profusion’  


Schizachyrium – PrairieWindsR ‘Blue Paradise’


Sedum – Rock ‘N Grow ‘Superstar’  


Tiarella – ‘Cutting Edge’  


Veronica – Magic S. ‘Enchanted Indigo’  

Veronica – Magic Show ‘Pink Potion’  

Veronica – Magic Show R ‘Purple Illusion’

Veronica – Magic S. ‘Wizard of Ahhhs’  

Please note that due to seasonal changes and our growing program we may not have all of the above listed Proven Winners varieties available throughout the season. It is always best to call ahead if you are looking for a specific variety.

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