If you have a question about a disease, pest, or weed problem please email us at online@chuckhafner.com with the details and a photograph if possible and we will get in touch with you within 24hrs, or call our team on 315-458-2231 and we will be happy to assist you.

Disease, pest, and weed problems

We all know that gardens can have issues throughout the season, whether it’s a pest or a disease on your tomato plants.

Our team has the knowledge born from over 50 years of experience to guide you to the right product to solve your issue.

Organics, Garden Naturals or synthetics, we can advise you on how what and when to use these products to solve your problem.

The best way for us to diagnose a specific problem is for us to either see the plant in person or look at a photograph.
If you are bringing in a sample of a ‘problem plant’ please put it in a sealed plastic bag so we can help identify the issue and protect our own plants!

Organic Solutions

We have an ever-expanding range of Organic solutions available for those gardeners who don’t want to use any chemicals in their garden. These include products to control insects, disease, and weeds. We also carry a range of organic animal repellents (these work against a wide range of animals including deer, rabbits, squirrels) such as a natural mosquito control which is based on Garlic, nature’s own mosquito repellant!

Garden Natural Solutions

These products can generally be described as made from all natural ingredients. They can repel pests, treat common plant diseases such as tomato blight, and control insects.

Synthetic Pest Solutions

Synthetic Solutions

These are chemical controls for dealing with insects, weeds, and diseases.

We carry the following brands – Bonide (95% made in CNY and includes their range of Garden Natural Products), Ortho, Liquid Fence, Epic (Deer Scram/Rabbit Scram), Gulfstream, Rescue, Safer, Bayer Advanced, Summit, and Hi-Yield.