Chuck Hafner's Premium Compost

Many applications with fantastic results –

Perfect for Enriching any Growing Environment

Designed for CNY soil types Chuck’s Premium Compost will nourish and condition your soil to improve plant growth and health.

Our special blend of local brewery by-products, mulch, and non-treated sawdust are composted and temperatures between 135 – 145 degrees. It takes over 3 months to make sure that Chuck’s Premium Compost is just right. We are proud to say our 100% natural soil amendment contains no pathogens, chemical additives, or artificial ingredients.

Annuals and Vegetable Gardens

  • Spread up to 3-inches of Chuck’s Premium Compost.

  • Turn over bed working compost into existing soil and plant.

  • Repeat annually to replenish nutrients.

Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, and Roses

  • Dig an appropriately sized hole for the root ball following planting instructions.

  • Use a backfill mix of 25% – 50% Chuck’s Premium Compost with the existing soil.

All Raised Beds

  • Use a mix of 50% Chucks Premium Compost and 50% Chuck’s Premium Topsoil.

Landscape Mulching

  • Spread a 1″ layer of Chuck’s Premium Compost over your existing landscape beds for a nutrient-rich boost to your plants.