Something different for every garden

When you see this label you know you have discovered something unique and different here at Chuck Hafner’s.
Chuck’s Collectibles are a collection of unique and wonderful plants that have been hand-selected by our Nursery Team for their superior forms, hardiness in Central New Yorks climate, and low maintenance. We realize that not everyone is a master gardener or plant geek, so we have done the research, putting our knowledge and passion to good use seeking out unique plants that will add another dimension to your landscape.
For people with creative vision and a sense of adventure, it can be difficult to create a unique landscape. Our harsh winters and challenging growing seasons limit the choices of fun plants that can be grown in our area.  By adding Chuck’s collectibles to your landscape we can help you try something a little, or maybe a lot, different in your landscape that you will enjoy for years to come.
Whether you are a plant geek or a master gardener, come on in. We love to talk plant!