Chuck Hafner’s Designer Annuals.

Chuck Hafner’s designer Annuals are our signature plants, highly versatile and will brighten any garden throughout the entire growing season. They are a single season plant that blooms from the time they are planted right up until the first frost in late fall. Annuals are low maintenance, you can just plant, water, and fertilize and they will continue to flourish through the entire season.

Grown with your success in mind.

At Chuck Hafner’s we grow around 60,000 of 4″ annuals each year in our growing houses (including Million Bells, Lobelia, Supertunia, Verbena, and Sunsatia)  and choose only the best performing varieties giving you the foundation for success.

As the grower, we have complete control over the entire growing process. and are able to ensure our annuals are healthy, have a strong root system, and are at the right stage of bloom so that they explode with color in your landscape.

Many of our designer annuals are Proven Winners® Annuals and Chuck Hafner’s is the largest Proven Winners® certified grower-retailer in Central New York.

Every year our staff passes a test from Proven Winners so we can obtain this certification. This ensures that we know all the latest information concerning care, performance and specific variety characteristics across their range of plants.

Create your own stunning display.

Chuck’s designer annuals are perfect for creating your own designer pots or hanging baskets and many of these plants (such as Verbena BeBop Lavender) are an invitation for birds, bees, and butterflies.

For the best results use Chuck’s Premium Potting Mix when you plant your hanging baskets or containers.


Proven Winners Snowstorm Snowglobe

Proven Winners Superbells Holy Moly!

Proven Winners Laguna Compact Blue With Eye

Proven Winners Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Jet Black

Proven Winners Illusion Garnet Lace

Proven Winners Charmed Wine

Proven Winners Diamond Delight

Proven Winners Superbells Dreamsicle

Proven Winners Superbells Pink

Proven Winners Superbells Cherry Star

Proven Winners Superbells Evening Star

Proven Winners Superbells White

Proven Winners Sunsatia Blood Orange

Proven Winners Sunsatia Lemon

Proven Winners Sunsatia Cranberry

Proven Winners Summer Wave Large Blue

Proven Winners Coralberry Punch

Proven Winners Supertunia Picasso in Purple

Proven Winners Supetunia Honey

Proven Winners Supertunia Vista Fuschia

Proven Winners Supertunia Bordeaux

Proven Winners Supertunia Lovie Dovie

Lobularia White Easy Berry

Night Sky Petunia

Headliner Banana Cherry Swirl

Sweetunia Johnny Flame Petunia

Sweetunia Pink Touch Petunia

Headliner Blueberry Swirl Petunia

Plus Pinkalicious

Sweetunia Pink Lemonade Petunia

Pinstripe Petunia

Mohave Basket Yello Bracteantha

Angelonia Archangel Pink

Bidens Bee Alive

Diascia Orange Juliet

Diascia Red Juliet

Bandana Yellow Mounded Lantana

Verbena Burgandy Firehouse

Verbena BeBop Lavender

Verbena Lavender Firehouse

Verbena Pink Firehouse

Wicked Rad Red Verbena

Verbena Grape Firehouse

Verbena White Firehouse

Please note that due to seasonal changes and our growing program we may not have all of the above-listed varieties available throughout the season. It is always best to call ahead if you are looking for a specific variety.

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