Annuals are our signature plants, highly versatile and will brighten any garden throughout the entire growing season.  They are a single season plant that blooms from the time they are planted right up until the first frost in late fall.

At Chuck Hafner’s we grow and source only the strongest performing varieties of Annuals that we know will thrive in your garden.

Most of the annuals we sell are grown in our growing houses adjacent to the garden center. As the grower, we have complete control over the entire growing process. and are able to ensure our annuals are healthy, have a strong root system, and are at the right stage of bloom so that they explode with color in your landscape. Annuals are low maintenance, you can just plant, water, and fertilize and they will continue to flourish through the entire season.

To supplement what we grow our buyers are on the road, visiting our growing partners weekly. They continually search for the healthiest plants bursting with color making sure our customers have the best selection of plants to choose from in Central New York.

Proven Winners –

Check out our designer series of Proven Winners. They are the perfect choice for creating, high-impact, beautiful container gardens, planting beds, or hanging baskets. Stop by our Wave petunia tables for a carpet of color a great addition to any gardening endeavor. Our super-bloomer geraniums are sure to make a statement with their vibrant blooms. With 1,000’s of annuals on display, all hand-selected and grown for you,  push the limits of your imagination!