4 Step Lawn Care Program

Chuck Hafner’s Lawn Care Program was developed specifically for Central New York’s climate and conditions. It is the ideal solution to help keep your lawn looking great throughout the year.
It has more Nutrients per Sq. Ft than comparable brands, is powered by UFLEXX™ Stabilized Nitrogen, contains NO Fillers, and starts with a natural base and is made locally here in New York State.

Why use UFLEXX™ Stabilized Nitrogen?

  • UFLEXX™ Nitrogen is held in the soil in a plant usable form that provides consistent feeding that is not dependent on soil temperature or moisture.
  • More environmentally responsible by reducing the nitrogen lost.

The four steps to our premium lawn care program are –

Chuck’s Premium Crabgrass Preventer Plus 22-0-8 Lawn Food

  • Pre-emergence control of crabgrass and many other annual weeds
  • Apply anytime in April through Mid-May
  • For best results activate with 0.5″ of water or rainfall after application
  • Wait 4 months after application before reseeding treated area

Chuck’s Premium Dissolve Weed Killer Plus 22-0-8 Lawn Food

  • Controls dandelions and many other broadleaf weeds
  • Apply when weeds are actively growing Mid-May through June
  • For best results apply when grass is moist after rain, sprinkling or dew, do not apply if rainfall is expected within 48 hrs of applications, and avoid mowing 1 to 2 days before and after application
  • Do not apply to newly seeded lawns and wait for at least 3 to 4 weeks to reseed after application

Chuck’s Premium 26-0-4 Lawn Food

  • Great for summer feedings
  • Apply anytime August to Mid-September
  • UFLEXX Stabilized Nitrogen feeds for up to 8 weeks and won’t burn grass
  • Contains 2% iron for a DEEP GREEN lawn
  • For best results activate with 0.5″ of water or rainfall within 2 days of application

Chuck’s Premium 24-0-10 Winterizer

  • Specifically formulated for fall use
  • Apply anytime Mid-September through Mid-November
  • Prepares turf for the stresses of winter
  • Encourages root and stem development and hastens spring recovery
  • Safe for use on newly seeded areas, however for best results use Turf Line Fast-Start at time of seeding and then apply Chuck’s Premium Winterizer 4 to 6 weeks after seeding

For a full guide to our Premium Lawn Care Programme please click here to download a PDF

5000 sq ft

  • Includes 4 Bags

10000 sq ft

  • Includes 8 Bags

15000 sq ft

  • Includes 12 Bags

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