Chuck Hafner's Premium Potting Mix

Chuck Hafner’s Premium Potting Mix

Chucks complete potting mix is what Chuck uses in our greenhouses to produce high-quality flower and vegetable plants. It contains a blend of organic materials (derived from peat, forest product or compost) sphagnum peat moss, horticultural perlite, gypsum, a water holding polymer, a wetting agent and an extended- release fertilizer that feeds your plants for up to 4 months.

Chuck’s premium potting mix is a complete mix that is ready to use for flowers, Vegetables & Seedlings and is perfect for hanging baskets, window boxes, and patio planters.

It contains a water-saving formula that helps protect against over or under watering and a 2 cubic foot bag is enough for 4 twelve inch pots.

Directions for Potting

  • Select a container with a drainage hole

  • Fill the container 1/3 full with Chuck’s Potting Mix

  • Place plant in the container, add mix and press lightly

  • The plant should be at the same depth in the new container as it was in the original container.

  • Allow 1″ between the rim of the container and the potting mix

  • Water thoroughly and as needed. Let drain.

For Spectacular Results

  • Start Fertilizing regularly within 3 weeks.