Proven Winners Annuals

The foundation of our business since the Hafner brothers began in 1922 has been growing our own plants, and we only grow and sell the varieties that we know from experience will thrive in your garden. We cultivate over 60% of our annuals in our onsite growing houses adjacent to the store.

We are the largest Proven Winners certified grower-retailer in Central New York growing over 40000 plants annually (made up of over 50 varieties) with up to 2500 on display in our retail greenhouses. Their journey begins in February when we plant the varieties our head grower has selected and continues when our live flowers team (overseen by our head grower Mark) hand-select the plants that are at their peak and transfer them to our retail greenhouses. Once they reach the retail greenhouses they are continually cared for throughout the season attended to daily using different techniques including proper spacing, watering, fertilizing, clipping, and de-budding, so we know they are in the best possible condition when you take them home to plant in your garden.

To supplement our stock throughout the season, we have a buyer on the road who hand selects only the best quality plants available from growers and nurseries that we partner with. We have been working with some of the same family-owned growers for over 30 years, and we know that their standards align with ours.

Our team of experts is always on hand to answer any questions you may have, whether it be about the latest varieties we have available or what plant will do best in your landscape. We also stock a wide variety of Proven Winners shrubs and Proven Winners perennials all chosen with the same care so you know they will perform well in your landscape.