Linda Hafner’s Cookbook

At the end of the day gather around the table for a simple fresh and healthy meal. That’s Linda Hafner’s no-fail formula for a thriving family. With her farm-fresh focus and divide-and-conquer strategy, it’s entirely do-able, even for those with the busiest schedules.

While raising her family and working beside her husband, Chuck, to grow the visionary family business, Chuck Hafner’s Farmers Market, Linda has developed a signature repertoire of simple, delicious, and visually stunning recipes that celebrate local seasonal produce. She’s a master at cooking in easy increments, so that meals come together in a flash at the end of a busy day. In the time that it takes to cook a pound of pasta, Linda can prepare her vibrant Pure Plum Tomato Sauce from scratch. Her signature After-Dinner Salad is much easier, and more nutritious than a prepackaged salad mix drenched in preservatives and processed salad dressing.

And, while fresh, healthy meals are Linda’s first priority, she’s also famous for fabulous, indulgent desserts such as her Sublime Strawberry Trifle and Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake.

With Linda. it’s all about finding the balance between nourishing the body and fueling family spirit.

Linda’s Cookbook is available in-store.