At Chuck Hafner’s we hand select the highest quality roses grown by nurseries that we consider are the best in the country.

We carry selections from brands such as Weeks Roses, Star Roses, Proven Winners, and First Editions, along with popular rose series including David Austin, Knock Out, Oso Easy, Kolorscape, Carefree, Easy Elegance, Home Run, Flower Carpet, Drift, and Easy to Love.

  • Hybrid Tea

  • Floribunda

  • Grandiflora

  • Knock Outs

  • Mini

  • English

  • Shrub

Our years of experience helps us to choose roses we know will be successful in our Central New York climate and soils.  The best hybrid tea, grandiflora, floribunda, climber, rugosa, mini, and shrub are available in our nursery every year.

Over the years, through the work of many world-renowned rose hybridizers, there have been huge improvements in hardiness, shrub and flower forms, disease and insect resistance, and colors. This is where art meets science to produce some of the most beautiful plants available for your garden. It’s now possible to plant a rose in your landscape, as you would any other shrub, resulting in a beautiful plant that flowers all season long with little maintenance.