Proven Winners Shrubs

Shrubs are a cornerstone of many landscapes adding height and color to borders and can be used together to create hedges and windbreaks.

Chuck Hafner’s is the largest Proven Winners®  certified grower-retailer in Central New York, and the foundation of our business since the Hafner brothers began in 1922 has been to only grow and sell the varieties of plants that we know from experience will thrive in your garden. 

Our nursery only stocks the best Proven Winners shrubs in Central New York, sourced from the highest quality suppliers in the country. Throughout the season we have a buyer on the road who hand selects only the best plants available from the growers and nurseries that we partner with. We have been working with some of the same family-owned growers for over 30 years, and we know that their standards align with ours.

New stock arrives weekly throughout the season and is displayed in our 7.5-acre nursery resulting in the widest selection of shrubs in CNY to choose from. The nursery team and growers work together to maintain optimal growing conditions while in our care, giving them the best opportunity to thrive in your garden.

Our team of experts is always on hand to answer any questions you may have, whether it be about the latest varieties we have available or what plant will do best in your landscape.

We also stock a wide variety of Proven Winners perennials and Proven Winners annuals all chosen with the same care so you know they will perform well in your landscape.

Photographs courtesy of Proven Winners –

Proven Winners Shrub Varieties

Aronia – Low Scape R Hedger  

Aronia – Low Scape R Mound

Betula – Cesky Gold


Buddleia  -‘Miss Molly’  

Buddleia -‘Miss Ruby’  

Buddleia – Pugster R Amethyst  

Buddleia – Pugster R Blue  

Buddleia – Pugster R Periwinkle  

Buddleia – Pugster R Pink  

Buddleia – Pugster R White  

Buddleia – ‘Summer Skies’  


Buxus – Wedding Ring R  


Callicarpa – Pearl Glam R  


Calycanthus – ‘Aphrodite’  


Cornus – Pucker Up! tm  


Cotinus – Winecraft Black R  


Deutzia – Creme Fraiche tm  

Deutzia – Yuki Cherry Blossom tm  

Deutzia – Yuki Snowflake tm  


Euonymus – Gold Splash  


Forsythia – Show Off tm  


Hibiscus – Azurri Blue Satin R  

Hibiscus – Lavender Chiffon R  

Hibiscus – Li’l Kim tm  

Hibiscus – Li’l Kim tm Red  

Hibiscus – Pink Chiffon R  

Hibiscus – Ruffled Satin R  

Hibiscus – White Chiffon R  


Hydrangea – Bobo R  

Hydrangea – Cityline Mars  

Hydrangea – Fire Light tm  

Hydrangea – Gatsby’s Pink tm  

Hydrangea – Incrediball R  

Hydrangea -Incrediball R Blush  

Hydrangea – Invincibelle R Mini Mauvette

Hydrangea – Invincibelle R Ruby  

Hydrangea – Invincibelle R Wee White  

Hydrangea – Let’s Dance R Rave R  

Hydrangea – ‘Little Lime’  

Hydrangea – ‘Limelight’  

Hydrangea – ‘Limelight’   Tree Form

Hydrangea – Little Quick Fire tm  

Hydrangea – p.Pinky Winky  

Hydrangea – ‘Pinky Winky’   Tree Form

Hydrangea – Quick Fire R  

Hydrangea – Quick Fire R   Tree Form

Hydrangea – Tiny Tuff Stuff tm  

Hydrangea – Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha R  

Hydrangea – Tuff Stuff tm  

Hydrangea – Tuff Stuff tm Red  


Ilex – Berry Poppins tm  

Ilex – x Castle Spire tm

Ilex – x Castle Wall R  

Ilex – ‘Little Goblin R Guy’  

Ilex – ‘Little Goblin Red’  

Ilex – ‘Little Goblin R ‘Orange’  


Itea – Little Henry  


Physocarpus – Ginger Wine tm  

Physocarpus – Summer Wine R  

Physocarpus – Tiny Wine tm  


Potentilla – Happy Face tm White  

Potentilla – Happy Face tm Yellow  


Rosa – Oso Easy Double Red tm  

Rosa – Oso Easy R Hot Paprika R  

Rosa – Oso Easy Lemon Zest tm  

Rosa – Livin LaVida tm  

Rosa – Oso Easy R Mango Salsa  

Rosa – Oso Easy Peachy Cream  

Rosa – Oso Easy R ‘Pink Cupcake’  

Rosa – Oso Easy R Double Pink  

Rosa – x Sunorita tm  


Sambucus – n. Instant Karma R  

Sambucus – Lemony Lace R  


Spiraea – Double Play R Candy Corn R

Spiraea – Double Play Doozie R  

Spiraea – Double Play R Red  

Spiraea – Glow Girl tm  


Syringa – Bloomerang R Dark Purple  


Viburnum – Wabi-Sabi R  


Weigela – Czechmark Sunny Side Up R  

Weigela – Czechmark Trilogy tm  

Weigela – Czechmark Twopink R  

Weigela – Midnight Wine   

Weigela – My Monet R  

Weigela – Snippet R Dark Pink  

Weigela – Snippet R Lime  

Weigela – Sonic Bloom tm Pearl  

Weigela – Sonic Bloom tm Pink  

Weigela – Sonic Bloom tm Red  

Weigela – Spilled Wine tm  

Weigela – Wine & Roses R  

Please note that due to seasonal changes and our growing program we may not have all of the above listed Proven Winners varieties available throughout the season. It is always best to call ahead if you are looking for a specific variety.

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