Choosing the right tree for your yard

Choosing a tree for your CNY yard

When you think of a tree, most people think of large shade or evergreen trees. However, did you know there are trees of all shapes and sizes that are adapted for most any conditions? Our nursery manager has compiled a list of trees to help you choose the perfect tree for your garden. For a copy of this list to download and save please click here.

Large Shade Trees

Over 35′ in 25 years

Medium Ornamental Trees

Less than 35′ in 25 years

Small Ornamental Trees

Under 10′ in 25 years

Beech Flowering Crabapple Dwarf Crabapple
Birch Flowering Dogwood Dwarf Flowering Dogwood
Ginkgo Japanese Maple Dwarf Ornamental Cherry
Honey Locust Magnolia Dwarf Weeping Beech
Hornbeam Ornamental Cherry Weeping Cherry
Oak Ornamental Pear Weeping Japanese Maple
Red Maple Redbud Weeping Redbud
Sugar Maple Serviceberry Tree Form Weeping Birch
Tulip Tree Stewartia
Weeping Willow Tree Lilac
Yellow Wood
Large Evergreen Trees

Over 25′ in 25 years

Medium Evergreen Trees

Under 25′ in 25 years

Small Evergreen Trees

Under 10′ in 25 years

Balsam Fir Dwarf Blue Spruce Alberta Spruce
Blue Spruce Limber Pine Dwarf Norway Spruce
Concolor Fir Pyramidal Arborvitae Dwarf Oriental Spruce
Hemlock Serbian Spruce Hinoki Cypress
Norway Spruce Weeping Alaskan Cedar Weeping Blue Spruce
White Pine Weeping Serbian Spruce Weeping Norway Spruce
White Spruce Weeping White Spruce
Trees for Wet Areas Fast Growing Trees                   Slow Growing Trees
Arborvitae Arborvitae Beech
Bald Cypress Bald Cypress Dogwood
Dawn Redwood Crabapple Dwarf Trees
Honey Locust Dawn Redwood Japanese Maples
Pin Oak Red Maple Stewartia
Red Maple River Birch
River Birch Tulip Tree
Weeping Willow Weeping Willow

Not all varieties are available throughout the season so please call ahead to check current availability with our nursery.

For a copy of this guide to download and keep please click here.