As the seasons change we refresh our range of indoor and outdoor decor to reflect the current season giving you the widest range of Fall decorations to choose from in the Syracuse area.
Fall is one of our favorite seasons with our homegrown Fall Mums and our famous Fall Festival inspiring us to decorate the store and our homes to match the glorious colors this time of the year presents especially in Upstate New York.
  • Scarecrows

  • Gourds

  • Halloween Decorations

  • Cornstalks

  • Fall Wreaths

  • Artifical Flowers

  • Indian Corn

On display, we have a wide range of eye-catching fall decor for both inside and outside of your home.
Frame your porch with some of our homegrown fall mums and decorate the rest with our cornstalks, pumpkins, fall wreaths, Indian corn, and Halloween themed accessories.