Cyclamen and Christmas Cactus

Holiday Plants

We don’t just have Poinsettia here at Chuck Hafner’s, our greenhouses bloom with other varieties of holiday plants such as Cyclamen, Norfolk Island Pines, Frosty Ferns and Christmas Cactus.

Holiday Cactus

Christmas cactus, a tropical variety of cactus plant, blooms beautiful colored flowers just in time for the holidays. These low-maintenance plants are quite festive and make great gifts!


Cyclamen are originally from the Middle East and are available for the holidays at Chuck Hafner’s. Bright reds, hot pinks and white make these unusual plants great holiday gifts!

Norfolk Island Pine

An open & airy indoor evergreen originally from the South Pacific that makes a delightful live Christmas tree, decorations included!

Frosty Ferns

This exotic unique plant is actually not a fern. “Frosty ferns” are club mosses, whose relatives date back to prehistoric times (320 Million Years). The frosted tips make this plant a perfect holiday addition.