Locally Grown Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

The majority of Chuck’s Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are locally grown and harvested on our tree farms in Kirkville and Pompey NY. As the grower, we can begin our tree harvest later in the season, continually cutting right up to Christmas. As a result of this, you have the best selection of fresh cut Christmas trees in Syracuse New York.

  • Douglas Fir

  • Balsam Fir

  • Blue Spruce

We grow Douglas Fir, Balsam Fir, and Blue spruce. Each of our trees is given the utmost care in our fields hand pruned and fertilized annually for a strong, healthy, uniform tree. Every fall Chuck spends his days on the farm, hand selecting each tree that will be cut. This gives you the choice of a healthy fresh cut tree at almost any price point.

Our fresh cut Christmas trees are displayed undercover in our greenhouses. During our peak weekends, we have over 1,000 trees on display to choose from. They range in size from tabletop to 11’ tall. Each variety of fresh cut Christmas Tree we sell offers a unique look, feel, and fragrance.

Our friendly staff makes purchasing the perfect tree fast and easy with these free services – We will make a fresh cut, drill your tree if needed, bale it, load and tie it to your car!!!!!

Real Christmas Trees Benefit the Environment

While they are growing, real Christmas Trees help support life by absorbing carbon dioxide and other gasses. These gasses are then emitted as oxygen. You can find more detailed information about how Christmas Trees support the environment by visiting the National Christmas Tree Association website.