Syracuse’s largest selection of homegrown pepper plants.

Whether you are using peppers in a salad, to cook a warming chili, or just to eat on their own, Chuck Hafner’s has the best selection of homegrown pepper plants available in Syracuse.

With an estimated over 50,000 varieties of peppers (genus Capsicum) worldwide, this versatile vegetable can range in taste from sweet all the way to fiery hot!

One of the first of many vegetable crops cultivated by the Hafner family in Syracuse, peppers are a staple crop of plants that we grow onsite each year giving our customers a wide choice of varieties that we have chosen for flavor and their ability to produce a bountiful crop of delicious peppers.

Our Non-GMO homegrown pepper plants are ideal for starting your garden from seedlings; however, if you want to start your crop from seed, we have a wide selection of seeds available in our store.

Homegrown Pepper Varieties –

We have 21 varieties of pepper plants available for sale each year including



Habanero Red

Hot Red Cherry

Hungarian Yellow Wax


Lady Bell

Orange Blaze

Purple Beauty

Red Beauty

Super Chilli

Sweet Banana

We also have a selection of Organic Pepper Plants available from the first week in May until mid-June supplied by our partner Wyllie Fox Farms.

Please note that due to seasonal changes and our growing program we may not have all of the above-listed varieties available throughout the season. It is always best to call ahead if you are looking for a specific variety of pepper plant.