Tomato Plants

There is nothing like a homegrown tomato!

One of the first crops planted by the Hafner brothers in 1922 were tomatoes. To this day we pride ourselves on growing the best tomato plant varieties that will perform optimally in our local climate.

Over many years we have hand selected (the varieties we grow are chosen by us for the best performance and taste) tomato plants that are the most likely to give you a fruitful harvest resulting in an authentic homegrown garden to table experience.

We grow over 19,000 tomato plants (all Non-GMO) in our growing houses each year for sale in our retail greenhouses, and our customers can’t wait each year to start planting their own.

Whether you are growing tomatoes as part of a vegetable and herb garden, or a raised bed/container garden, we have over 12 varieties available from Mid April to early June.

Everything you need for success

Whether you are gardening conventionally or organically, don’t forget to feed and fertilize your tomato plants to ensure the best harvest possible. In-store we have a wide selection of fertilizers and plant foods including organic options such as Espoma Organic Tomato Tone which is specially formulated to give you the best crop of tomatoes possible. If you should have a pest or disease issue we also have you covered there with our extensive selection of pest and disease control products including organic options such as Bonide Copper Fungicide for disease, and pests

If you are looking for some great recipes to use your delicious homegrown tomato, then check out Linda Hafner’s Cookbook.

Our varieties include –

Beef Steak

Fourth Of July


Better Boy

Early Girl


Husky Red Cherry

Jet Star

Lemon Boy (Carolina)


San Marzanno

Sweet 100’s

We also have a selection of Organic Tomato Plants available from the first week in May until mid-June supplied by our partner Wyllie Fox Farms.

Please note that due to seasonal changes and our growing program we may not have all of the above-listed varieties available throughout the season. It is always best to call ahead if you are looking for a specific variety.